There are plenty of beginner golf lessons and programs happening in Victoria. Give it a swing and you might get hooked!

Learning to play golf is a great way to make some new friends, enjoy some movement in the day and spend some quality time outdoors. What’s not to like? Here are some tips to get you started playing golf, even if you’ve never picked up a golf club before.

On this page we look at:

  • This Girl Can Ambassador Rosy’s story about overcoming the initial barriers she had to playing golf, and how hitting the perfect shot makes her feel
  • How to learn to play golf with some golf clinics and lessons
  • Finding a golf club for women near you

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Rosy felt intimidated at first on the golf course, but the joy of playing was too strong to stop her

When Rosy decided to try golf as an adult, she discovered some unexpected barriers. “There’s a stereotype about golf that it’s for rich, old men. So when I first started playing, I felt intimidated being a younger woman,” Rosy said. But the joy she felt when playing was stronger than the feeling of not belonging, so she kept showing up. “I love that really satisfying feeling of hitting a nice golf shot, right in the middle of the club.” … “I want to be part of a new generation of golf that evolves it’s culture to be welcoming, inclusive and supportive for everyone no matter your gender, age or skill level.”

Learning to play with women’s golf lessons

Ready to try your hand at golf, or return to the fairways after some time off? Here’s how to take the next step with some women’s beginner golf lessons and programs to get your skills started.

Get Into Golf Women is a fun and social program by Golf Victoria that’s designed for women. You’ll learn the basics over a five-week program, while making new friends and getting ‘swing fit’ along the way.

These programs run between 45 and 60 minutes and are held in small groups, allowing you to have some fun and explore new skills in a comfortable environment. You’ll do plenty of hitting, it’s very interactive, and you can go by yourself or with a friend.

Have a look online to find  a women’s golf clinic near you, or women’s golf lessons in Melbourne and regional Victoria that you can get to.

Finding a women’s golf club or social group near you

You may already have driven past some golf courses in your area that you’d like to try. If you’re not sure what’s around, or you’d like to check out some other women’s golf clubs in Melbourne and regional Victoria, here’s how to find some places to begin playing.

Golf Australia offers a golf club search so you can locate a Victorian club near yoyou can search for a full golf course, or even mini-golf, virtual golf or a driving range to get some practice.

Golf is a very social sport, so there are naturally a range of women’s social golf groups out there who are looking forward to meeting you.  There’s a group for every skill level, including beginners, so have a look online to see if there’s a social group that’s close by.

Next steps to play women’s golf and see if it’s for you

  • Visit the websites mentioned on this page: Get Into Golf Women, Golf Victoria or Golf Australia.
  • Google it! Have a look around at different local clubs and social golf groups in Victoria. If there’s not one nearby, it can be fun to explore other courses further away and enjoy some different scenery.
  • You can find more women’s beginner golf lessons near you by checking out local golf stores and golf businesses. Check out a couple and you can find one that feels like a good fit for where you’re at.
  • Find a Supporter in your neighbourhood, to see if a golf group for women group has registered online to support This Girl Can – Victoria.
  • Ask other women about playing golf – chat to your friends, family or colleagues about trying it together, or post a question to our Facebook page where there’s a super supportive community of women who can help you out.

Can’t get out right now?

You can’t always get out for a game of golf, but there are ways you can still practice or stay active at home, depending on what feels right for you.

Golf is a game that you can practice indoors too. All you need to do is grab a golf club,  and you can work on your swing with online videos, or even some golf coaching at home.

You can also read up on some of the basics of golf, and learn more about scoring and how competitions are played. Then when the weather is better or you’re able to hit the course again, you’ll be even more excited to get out there!

Learn more about This Girl Can – Victoria and how it’s helping women feel good by getting activity in a way that suits them.

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