While field hockey can be fast-paced and competitive game, it’s also a lot of fun and allows you to be part of a social women’s hockey team.

Whether you’ve seen Australia’s women’s field hockey team – the Hockeyroos – in action, or it looks like a sport you could be interested in trying, you could give field hockey a go as a social and fun way to get active.

There are many ways to get involved in hockey for women – from social hockey to something more competitive – so there’s something everyone can try, regardless of your age or what you’ve played before.

On this page we look at:

  • How This Girl Can – Victoria Ambassador Samantha discovered a love of hockey when returning to exercise after having kids
  • How to play field hockey
  • The benefits of playing social field hockey for women
  • Finding a social hockey program near youCan’t get out right now? At-home tips

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How Samantha got her groove back after kids by trying social field hockey as a beginner

Samantha, 44, had given up on exercise. She’d played netball as a girl but after having two kids it was just too hard. Then, she discovered hockey. She’d never played before and was afraid of letting the team down, but she faced her fears and started training. “It was encouragement for other women that kept me going,” Samantha says. Today, she’s gotten her groove back and is loving playing the hockey as a goalie. “It’s just about getting out there and having fun,” she says. “It’s about yourself, not a selfie.”

How to play field hockey

It is easy to learn the rules of field hockey and get started. This makes it a great game to try for beginners, as you can get up and running quickly and start enjoying your time on the hockey field.

The game is played between 2 teams outdoors or indoors, on a field made of grass, turf or a synthetic materials. There are 10 field players and a goalkeeper on each team, and some protective gear is worn in the more competitive forms of the game.

Each player carries a hockey stick, which is used to pass a hockey ball around. The ball can be soft or hard depending on the form of hockey being played. The objective is to pass the ball between players and eventually shoot the ball pass the goalie into a small net to score.

Why play social field hockey?

There are many reasons and benefits of playing field hockey. As well as being a great run-around and a fantastic way to socialise while being active, field hockey is great for learning teamwork, communication and hand-eye coordination.

Woman playing hockey

That’s not to mention the feeling you get from a healthy, happy workout!

The best thing is, field hockey is easy to pick up and start learning. Anyone can give it a try, and there are lots of ways to get started.

Hook into hockey for the first time

A great place to start is Hockey Victoria, which has a bunch of awesome social hockey programs for new players and those returning after a break.

J-Ball is a perfect way to start to play hockey if you’re new to the game and want to get used to how it’s played. J-Ball is a modified version of hockey with a lighter stick and ball, and less impact. It’s great for meeting new friends and learning some fundamentals.

For a slower game that’s also very social, walking J-Ball is another good option. As the name suggests the game moves at a walking pace and it’s played on a small court. This makes it an ideal place to begin if you want to get your body moving and have some fun along the way.

Find a social hockey program near you

  • Visit the websites mentioned on this page: social hockey programs, J-Ball and walking J-Ball.
  • Google it! Search to see what other hockey options there are near you.
  • Find a Supporter in your neighbourhood: see if there’s a hockey club near you that has registered online to support This Girl Can – Victoria.
  • Ask other women – chat to your friends, family or colleagues about doing an activity together, or post a question to our Facebook page where there’s a super supportive community of women who can help you out.

Can’t get out right now?

If you’re not able to hit the fields and join a female hockey group right now, there are other ways to get active.

Contact a local women’s hockey club for advice, or you can grab a hockey stick and start trying some new moves at home.

Learn more about This Girl Can – Victoria and how it’s helping women feel good by getting activity in a way that suits them.

You may also want to look at some other sports you can try to get moving in a way that you enjoy. As Samantha says, it’s not about the score. It’s just about getting out there and having a good time.