It’s a sport where you can throw, catch, carry, and shoot goals with a lacrosse stick and ball.

You can try lacrosse at a club, with friends, or borrow some equipment and have a go at some of the moves by yourself. There are lots of women’s clubs in Victoria, getting started is easy.

On this page we look at:

  • This Girl Can – Victoria Ambassador Jade found community and family fun playing women’s lacrosse
  • The rules of lacrosse
  • Joining a club and learning how to play women’s lacrosse
  • Finding a women’s lacrosse club near you
  • Can’t get out right now? At-home tips

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How Jade connected with a close community of women through lacrosse

Lacrosse is the “one thing” in Jade’s family that they all love. “Lacrosse to me is family – my daughters both play, my mum still was playing a game when she was 64-years-old,” she said. Jade loves the social aspect of girls lacrosse. “It’s really special when you’re actually out there side by side because you’ve got a bond. You’re part of a team together.” … “Mum’s a defender and I chose to become a defender too. I can follow in her footsteps and give my kids a life of connection with other girls and women. I see them making friends through sport and realise it’s such an important part of life.”

The rules of lacrosse

Lacrosse is a non-contact sport which is usually played on a large, outdoor field. There are 12 players in a women’s lacrosse team. This includes:

  • 1 goalie
  • 5 attacking players
  • 6 defenders.

You use a stick to play, called a ‘crosse’. Instead of hitting a ball with the stick, like in hockey, players catch it in a ‘pocket’, which is netting attached to the end of their lacrosse stick. Once you’ve got the ball, you can run and carry it before passing or shooting.

There are several rules of lacrosse to learn, but the main idea of the game is to pass to other players on your team to move the ball up the field and shoot it into the opposing team’s goal. It’s fast-paced, and lots of fun to play!

Joining a club and learning how to play women’s lacrosse

You don’t have to know the rules already to start playing lacrosse. Whether you’re new to the sport, just getting back to exercise again or learning how to get your body more active than before, lacrosse is a welcoming sport for women.

There are a range of women’s lacrosse programs and competitions for all ages and skill levels. You can play outdoor or indoor lacrosse. Women’s Lacrosse Victoria is a great place to get started and find a women’s lacrosse team or lacrosse competition near you.

There are many lacrosse clubs all around Victoria, and they have a reputation for being close-knit communities. Why not give it a go and become part of one yourself?

You don’t have to aim for the premiere lacrosse league – lacrosse is a sport you can enjoy at your own pace. Unless of course, you’re chasing someone on the field!

Find a women’s lacrosse team near you

  • Visit the website mentioned on this page: Women’s Lacrosse Victoria.
  • Google it! Search to see what lacrosse options there are near you.
  • Find a Supporter in your neighbourhood: see if there’s a lacrosse club near you that has registered online to support This Girl Can – Victoria.
  • Ask other women – chat to your friends, family or colleagues about doing an activity together, or post a question to our Facebook page where there’s a super supportive community of women who can help you out.

Can’t get out right now?

If you’re not able to join a local lacrosse community and take to the lacrosse field just yet, there are many other ways you can get active right now.

Why not grab a lacrosse stick and start practicing with a ball at home? You can use the tips above to find a local women’s lacrosse club near you and get the ball rolling for when you can get out there. Brush up on the lacrosse positions you can play, how the scoring for lacrosse works and some lacrosse rules, so when the time comes to get out there you can feel more comfortable getting involved.

Learn more about This Girl Can – Victoria and how it’s helping women feel good by getting activity in a way that suits them.

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