Can you feel the beat? Zumba is a great way to have fun and raise your heart rate to some exotic rhythms and snazzy tunes! It’s a popular activity for women in Melbourne and regional Victoria, so give it a go. You can join a Zumba class, do some Zumba moves with friends, or even have a boogie with Zumba by yourself. The choice is yours!

On this page we look at:

  • This Girl Can Ambassador Janelle’s story about embracing concerns about her body looked with a prosthetic leg, and getting into Zumba
  • What is Zumba dance?
  • Zumba for beginners
  • Get involved in Zumba dance classes for women near you

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Janelle used to be worried about how her body looked growing up

As a teenager, Janelle had the typical hang ups about her body but was also embarrassed about her prosthetic leg. She wanted her prosthesis to look as real as possible. Two years ago Janelle decided to tackle her hang-ups about having a realistic prosthesis and started running with a blade. It might not look like a leg but she can sure run faster! Janelle also enjoys Zumba dancing, which she loves being able to do with an inclusive group of women.

What is Zumba dance for women?

If you haven’t come across Zumba before, you’re in for a treat! Zumba is a fitness class that brings together Latin grooves, international tunes and awesome dance moves. It’s a highly accessible dance class for all ages that has fast as well as slow rhythms.

Learning Zumba can:

  • Boost your cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve your strength and coordination
  • Enhance your heart health
  • Positively impact your sleep and mental wellbeing

Zumba dance is also – and we can’t stress this enough – seriously entertaining and fun to do. Try it once, and you might get hooked!

Is Zumba easy for beginners?

Perhaps one of the best things about Zumba is it’s easy for beginners. You don’t need to have a dance background, a particular body shape or be a specific age to try it. Even if your rhythm isn’t quite like a dancer, you’ll be able to learn slowly and have an awesome time doing it.

Most Zumba classes are also Zumba lessons, which means even if it’s your first time at a class, you’ll be able to  join in and get some help from instructors as you go. If you want to start Zumba, the best approach is to just jump into a session.

Finding Zumba classes near you

Does the idea of joining a Zumba class and giving it a try sound exciting? Here are some tips to get started.

The best way to find Zumba dance classes for women near you is to search online. Many Zumba classes are run as part of a regular class schedule at gyms, but there are also plenty of private studios that offer classes for women in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Zumba communities are very open and love to have new women join and get involved. It’s worth going in and doing a trial class to see how you feel. You can try a few to see which Zumba group feels right for you. Once you’ve found one, you can usually pay a casual rate (per class), or get a discount if you join on a weekly or monthly membership.

Join a Zumba community and learn some new moves

  • Google it! Check out what’s available in your area. There are different types of Zumba studios for girls and women, so have a look at what they offer online and find a timetable that works best for your schedule.
  • Find a Supporter in your neighbourhood, to see if a Zumba studio has registered online to support This Girl Can – Victoria.
  • Ask other women about Zumba – chat to your friends, family or colleagues about doing an activity together, or post a question to our Facebook page where there’s a super supportive community of women who can help you out.

Can’t get out right now?

You can find many free Zumba classes online for beginners to dance along to and get a great workout at home. You can do it by yourself, or ask a friend to join in.

Learn more about This Girl Can – Victoria and how it’s helping women feel good by getting activity in a way that suits them.

If you feel like trying another activity to see what you enjoy, here are a few ideas to get you going. Why try one can you can try a few, and find out which you like best?