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So, what is this campaign about?  

This Girl Can is an uplifting and energetic campaign which speaks directly to the audience of everyday women.  

We’re empowering women to be active and do their thing. No matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.  

The campaign features everyday Victorian women from diverse ages, backgrounds, sizes, and abilities being physically active. No models, Instagram influencers or elite athletes.  

Just everyday women. All feeling something different when they get active, from an adrenaline high to quiet contentment and everything in between. 

Who does the campaign aim to empower and motivate?

It’s about women getting active whenever, wherever and however they choose – without worrying about being judged

Women are worried about feeling judged when they get active (52% of Victorian women, to be exact). It can be about:

  • Being sweaty
  • Not wearing makeup
  • Showing your body
  • Wearing the wrong clothing
  • Body shape / size
  • Not being fit enough
  • Holding back the group
  • Not knowing the rules or what equipment to bring
  • Spending time exercising instead of with:
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Working

Our  research and tells us that women are motivated by wanting to feel good, spending time being active with friends and feeling like they belong. If women ‘find their tribe’ they’re more likely to keep coming back.

We also know that thinking about how being active makes them feel, helps women stop worrying about what people think.

We celebrate everyday women who are all kinds of active, no matter how well they do it, how they look or how sweaty they get.

What is this campaign aiming to do?

Does it work?


In 2021, This Girl Can – Victoria inspired almost 340,000 women to get active.  

That’s 1 in 6 Victorian women aged 18-65 getting more active because of this campaign – wow! 

And you can help us reach even more women.  

How? Read on! 

How do you get more women involved in your activity?

There are some simple, (free!) things you can do. 

Our Campaign Supporter Toolkit can help you get started. It will guide you in planning your activities.  

Here are some actions you can take:  

  1. See our Getting More Women Active resources for straightforward and easy to implement ideas.
  2. Use our step-by-step guide to make your activity a positive experience.
  3. Use our free resources to promote your own activity options to local women. This will help connect your activity to the This Girl Can – Victoria brand (see a list in the next section!) 

Want to learn more? Make sure you’re subscribed to our emails.  

How can you get more women involved in your activity?

Free resources you can use

What’s available?

Access resources anytime from the supporter page at thisgirlcan.com.au

  • Share links to our TV ad and ambassador videos online.
  • Download to play at events or display on screens around your facility.
Artwork (posters, digital banners, social posts)
  • Instantly use our ready-to-go designs.


  • Add your own images, logos and text to our templates and submit for approval (use our Design Tool or Microsoft Word templates
Add yourself to the ‘Find a supporter’ listing on our website
Update your location, website and organisation name so women can find you on our website.
Supporter badge you can display

See thumbnail previews of all free resources available in our Brand Guidelines for Campaign Supporters.

What’s not a This Girl Can resource?

Rules for using free resources

We made lots of free resources so you can make the most of our advertising campaign, you just need to follow the rules outlined in our Brand Guidelines for Campaign Supporters, available through the Campaign Supporter Hub.

Download the Brand Guidelines for Campaign Supporters for examples and details.

Key rules:

What is something that you can do as part of your This Girl Can – Victoria program?

And lastly… #ThisGirlCanVIC

Our social media community is thriving and it’s important that you see and understand what inspires our This Girl Can – Victoria community.

  • Connect with us via Facebook and Instagram to see our community of over 21,000 women:
    • Follow the #ThisGirlCanVIC hashtag 
    • Use the #ThisGirlCanVIC hashtag when you post about your physical activity program/s to reach more women.
  • Connect with us via LinkedIn and Twitter for campaign updates.
  • Co-host your This Girl Can Week events with us on Facebook. For tips, download the Campaign Supporter Toolkit from the Supporter Hub.

What’s the hashtag?

Get started!

Take the next steps:

  • Read the Getting More Women Active the step-by-step guide at www.gettingwomenactive.com.au
  • Download the Brand Guidelines for Campaign Supporters resource and review your materials against it.
  • Keep an eye on your email for case studies and tips.

Go forth and support women to get active – however, wherever and whenever they choose!

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