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Can you feel it?

How do you feel when you get active? Satisfied? Calm? Happy? Energised? Confident? 

If you want to get active and feel good about it, you’ve come to the right place. 

We want every woman to feel like she can get active however, whenever and wherever she wants. And to get something good out of it. 

We want more women to say to themselves ‘This Girl Can’. 

 Join almost 320,000 women across Victoria who were inspired to get active after seeing the campaign in 2020. 

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What is This Girl Can – Victoria?

A campaign from VicHealth designed to encourage women to become more active – without worrying about being judged. 

This Girl Can – Victoria is about celebrating what women can do. Whether that’s a walk around the neighbourhood or a short swim, we celebrate all types of activity! 

Who is involved?

Thousands of women have come together to create an online community to support and encourage each other to be active.

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Many women have started some type of activity or sport for the very first time. Other women have felt motivated to get back into exercise after taking a break. 

It’s common to take a break from a sport or other type of activity. It’s also common to worry about what other people will think when they see you getting active. 

When you’re ready to get back into an activity or try something different, the This Girl Can – Victoria community will be cheering for you! 

Who are the women in the ads?

The women you see in the ads are everyday women, just like you. 

They are not paid actors, professional athletes, models or Instagram influencers. 

They are from all walks of life, from right across the state. These women are of different ages, come from different backgrounds, and have different abilities, body shapes and sizes. 

But they all have one thing in common. 

They all volunteered to share their story about how they got active so they could inspire other women like you to get active too. 

They want to show other women that sport and activity are for everyone, no matter how you look, how well you do it or how sweaty you get! 

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Who can I ask if I have questions?

Facebook and Instagram are safe places to ask other women questions, get encouragement, post your ‘sweaty selfies’, and share your story of getting active.

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