Building inclusiveness through cricket



The Social Sixes program is an exciting cricket program specifically designed for women. The session focuses on activities that are designed to get your heart pumping as well as teach you the skills required to play cricket.

Melissa Hale is inspiring deaf and hard of hearing Victorian women through her passion for cricket and the Social Sixes program.

After having played women’s cricket herself with Launching Place Cricket Club, Melissa knew she needed a platform to promote cricket for women who are deaf or hard of hearing.

She found her answer in the Social Sixes program.

“A lot of sports clubs were not accessible for deaf people.” She said. “I felt judged in the past, especially about my sports skills.”

With a flexible session set up, you can come and go to Social Sixes programs as you please. To give Social Sixes a try for yourself, you can find your closest venue here.

This video was produced by Cricket Victoria through their partnership with VicHealth, as part of the Active Women and Girls for Health and Wellbeing Program.