#FITSPO fatigue? Try these home exercise videos instead


VicHealth’s This Girl Can – Victoria campaign has launched a new home exercise video platform as an antidote to the #FITSPO workouts flooding YouTube and Instagram

The new Get Active @ Home page provides exercise videos that focus on feeling good, not looking good, at a time when they’re sorely needed.

With #FITSPO content dominating search results, we know from our research there’s a risk many of us will be put off getting the physical activity we need to feel healthy and well during the coronavirus pandemic.

Research backs the need for anti-#FITSPO options

Our research from March this year told us that not only are most Victorian women turned off exercise when they see taut and toned #FITSPO influencers. Many of them also end up feeling bad or inadequate about their own bodies and fitness.

And if they’re looking to exercise as a way to feel better while they’re staying home during the coronavirus, feeling inadequate isn’t a great starting point.

The good news is that our research provided the answer: images and videos of everyday women with a wide range of body shapes have the opposite effect. They encourage women, rather than turning them off.

This Girl Can - Victoria ambassador Sarah stretching while doing yoga

So the new Get Active @ Home page features a growing selection of home exercise videos from women of different ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes getting active.

The one thing they all have in common is they’re designed to help you feel good, not look a certain way.

Check out some of the first videos on the Get Active @ Home website so you can move your body and feel good.

Try a Get Active @ Home video for your next workout

Get Active @ Home is all about moving your body to feel good.

This is the opposite of #FITSPO, so it doesn’t matter how red and sweaty your face gets, all that matters is you’re giving it a go.

Below is a sneak peek of two of the workout videos uploaded so far. Both videos are delivered by Natasha, a qualified personal trainer and one of our This Girl Can – Victoria ambassadors.

Workouts with Natasha: This Girl Can – Victoria ambassador and qualified personal trainer

Chair-based workout

Natasha’s chair-based workout guides people at home through a full workout you can do sitting down. This includes a warm-up for your shoulders and arms, and a series of circuits using household objects as weights instead of special equipment.

This Girl Can - Victoria ambassador Natasha demonstrating her chair workout

Circuit workout with modifications for different abilities and fitness levels

In this circuit workout Natasha provides different options to suit different bodies! Below you can see her modified star jump, for people who feel better without the ‘jump’ part.

This Girl Can - Victoria ambassador Natasha demonstrating her home circuit workout

Inspired to give one (or both!) of these home exercise videos a go? See both of Natasha’s videos here.

If you’re feeling #FITSPO-fatigued and ready for an inclusive, feel-good workout video to help you exercise at home, keep an eye on the Get Active @ Home page on the This Girl Can – Victoria website to see new video inspiration.

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