Forget what people think – you can set your own rules


Li is an international student from China who used to worry about what people thought of her when she was exercising.

“You’re a girl, you don’t need to look muscly. You just need to be pretty,” she used to think.

“Ladies don’t sweat!”

Li realised she wanted to live according to her own rules and not let others dictate her fitness habits.

“When I’m doing sport, I feel sweaty and then it’s like my soul is telling me ‘oh you’re so good! Your energy is all here and you’re like the best person in the world!’ It’s brilliant.”

Li has ridden her bike for the past three months, but she aspires to keep practising and improving her speed.

“You have no idea how much you can achieve by yourself if you don’t do it. So just do it!

If you didn’t worry about what people thought, what would you try? Check out some ideas for getting active.