Roller Derby is my self-care routine


“There’s a lot of guilt, I suppose, associated for taking time for ourselves. Self-care is such a buzzword at the moment, but that’s what roller derby is for me”

Meet Miranda. Mum of Riley.

Miranda is a computer programmer by day and a keen roller derby player on weekends and weeknights.  For Miranda, there’s nothing quite like roller derby. The sport takes all her focus so she can forget about the worries of everyday life and get in touch with her playful side. And the feeling of being in a room full of other women who are passionate and supportive keeps her going.  

Being able to take her kid, Riley, under her wing and share the joy of playing the sport has been an absolute joy for Miranda. Wearing matching uniforms, Riley is with her mum for all her bouts. She already joins in on the warmups on Sundays and wants to join the league when she turns 18! 

Roller derby helps Miranda reconnect with herself and balance her time spent between home, family, and work. “It really is a meditation on skates whilst bumping into people and you walk away reset. (…) [And] the family and your kids get the benefits.” Miranda shares.  

Hear more from Miranda here:

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