Silencing the self-doubt


Kate always loved getting involved in mainstream sport and competitions.

Her family supported her passion, and encouraged physical activity, but when she was 12 she started to experience opponents making fun of her abilities. Kate is deaf, and was treated differently by other teenagers.

After an ACL injury in her twenties, she was no longer able to participate in netball and tried going to the gym.

“I went three or four times and didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t like it. I felt fearful of being there,” she said.

With the help of a physio and an interpreter, she learned a few exercises and started to gain her confidence back.

From this experience, Kate realised she should not let a fear of judgement affect her ability to keep fit.

“Give it a try and just do it and if it doesn’t work in that sport, or that activity, try another sport. Enjoy it and just be yourself.”

Feeling inspired? You too can work towards getting active in a supportive environment. Explore a variety of activities to try.