This Girl Can – Victoria Podcast: Kirsten’s Episode


VicHealth’s This Girl Can – Victoria podcast is all about women getting active in their own way 

This week, we meet Kirsten who feels internally and emotionally healthy when she runs. 

Episode 5: 

With an Aboriginal mother and an African-American father who was in the military, Kirsten grew up all over the world – from Japan, to the United States, to Geraldton in Western Australia. Though it was when she was on Country at Mount Magnet near Geraldton that she felt whole and free. 

Sports weren’t Kirsten’s thing growing up, but she yearned to be outside. It wasn’t until she was in her late 20’s that Kirsten began to focus more on her fitness, helping her realise that being active was key to her wellbeing and happiness.  

Now living in Melbourne, Kirsten and her ‘5am sisters’ get together at least once a week to not only exercise, but to genuinely connect with each other – which is important now more than ever. 

What I get from having a group of women is…motivation, connectiveness and also realness. We have real conversations…we cheer each other on in everyday life

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