This Girl Can – Victoria Podcast: Natalie’s Episode


VicHealth’s This Girl Can – Victoria podcast is all about women getting active in their own way 

This week, we meet Natalie who feels a sense of relief when she gets active. 

Episode 7: Natalie 

Natalie has lived in rural Victoria all her life. Being kilometres away from the closest neighbour, to over 30 minutes away from town, the tyranny of distance can have big impacts on physical and mental wellbeing. 

Since moving to Manangatang in Northern Victoria, Natalie has used physical activity as a way to bring women of all ages together. 

I find exercise is a mental release…it’s now more for mental health and keeps me motivated.” 

The birth of her first child 15 years ago left Natalie feeling quite isolated and craving human interaction. What started as a walking group has evolved into a social group that not only get active together, but has built a strong community despite being kilometres apart. 

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