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VicHealth’s This Girl Can – Victoria is launching a podcast to help empower women to get active whenever, wherever and however they choose

In this podcast series our This Girl Can – Victoria ambassadors share their stories about getting active their way. These inspiring conversations explore how each ambassador moves her body, the challenges she’s faced throughout her journey and how she’s overcome these to enjoy how being active makes her feel. 

Every woman in Victoria is on her own journey to being active. Join us each week for the next eight weeks, to hear a story that we hope will empower you to get active whenever, wherever and however you choose – and to enjoy the feeling when you do. 

 Episode 1: Jagriti 

…and that person immediately just looked me up and down and said, “aren’t you too fat to be a dancer?” And he just said it like that. I just love to dance…I feel so incredibly alive when I’m dancing and I won’t give that up for anything.

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About Episode 1: Jagriti 

Meet Jagriti. 

Her love of movement began when she was four years old, watching Bollywood movies upstairs in front of the TV while her parents were busy in their Indian restaurant downstairs.   

As an adult, after working on Bollywood film projects in India, she returned to Australia almost a decade ago and started a dance business.  

In this honest and revealing interview, Jagriti talks about her love for Bollywood dancing, how it makes her feel, the ups and down’s she’s faced, and how coronavirus has impacted her business and life. 

Check out Jagriti’s at home Bollywood dance class here.  

woman bollywood dancing


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