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VicHealth’s This Girl Can – Victoria podcast is all about women who are giving it a go without judgement 

This week, we meet Rocca who feels happy when she dances. 

Episode 4:  

Rocca’s passion for dance is in her DNA. Growing up in Colombia, music and dance was a huge part of her upbringing, and it wasn’t long until her Mum and Auntie’s love of dance rubbed off on Rocca.   

After moving to Australia to study at University, the unthinkable happened when Rocca was hit by a car and she has been in a wheelchair ever since.  

I think life is mysterious…amazing…beautiful. And I don’t want to waste any moment of my life. I want to use absolutely every moment to do the things that I love, and that includes sports and being active.

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During rehab Rocca discovered wheelchair tennis and came to the realisation that her wheelchair wasn’t an obstacle for her to live a happy, active life.  

This realisation combined with her love for music and dance led Rocca to starting a Para-dance group. It’s a place where women in wheelchairs come together to feel the connection of being part of a group, free of judgement and see their wheelchairs in a new light – not just as a tool for transportation, but as a partner.  

Rocca in a dance class with 4 other women

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