Register your support

Support women in Victoria to get active in your local clubs and activities

What you’ll get:

  • Free branded artwork
  • Visibility (website listing, display badge, co-hosted Facebook events for This Girl Can Week)
  • Research-backed guide, broken down into checklists and scripts
  • Inspirational videos to share

What we require:

We need to make sure we’re on the same page:

  • It’s a legal requirement of our licence from Sport England’s original This Girl Can campaign.
  • To make sure women get great support – backed by research.

That’s why before we approve your registration we’ll need to know:

  • You operate within the state of Victoria, Australia and only use the Campaign Materials to promote physical activity to Victorian women (i.e. not to sell other products).
  • You will not share the Promotional Toolkit or Campaign Materials with any other organisation or individual outside of your organisation.
  • You will submit any artwork you create using our materials to VicHealth for approval before you publish it.
  • You’ve read our privacy statement and terms and conditions.

Submit your registration to get access to our resources and start supporting women in Victoria to get active in your local clubs and activities!