TGC Promotional Videos

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Can you feel it?

Check out how getting active makes our This Girl Can – Victoria ambassadors feel.

Hint: Ecstatic, calm, energised and confident! 

Natalie feels RELIEF

Tiff feels INCLUDED

Mardi feels GROUNDED

Chiquita feels FOCUSED

Marnie feels ACCEPTED

Tracy feels MOTIVATED

Emine feels SUPPORTED

Rosy feels POWERFUL

Jagriti feels PRESENT

Karen feels JOY

Katherine feels FREE

Kirsten feels HEALTHY

Jade feels PROUD

Natasha feels REAL

Kelly feels RECHARGED

Brenda feels ALIVE

Rocca feels HAPPY

Sana feels STRONG


Tiffany feels CONNECTED

Rosie feels MINDFUL 

More videos

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TGC Insights 2020 (MP4, 358 MB)

This Girl Can Victoria – One Year On (MP4, 97 MB)

Overcoming hesitation video (ZIP, 42 MB)


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