Women help babysit side-court while others learn the game


There are no ‘tryouts’ at Stawell Women’s Day Basketball Club.

Women without any basketball skills can come and give it a go in a supportive group, and there’s always someone to keep an eye on kids and babies side-court.

“You don’t have to know how to play just come and we’ll teach you on the court”

Most of the women didn’t know how to play before they joined, and said there was no pressure when they started.

A lot of Mums have found it suits them. A woman with three young kids said ‘we take it in turns babysitting so it allows us to come along and get some exercise’, while another said if her baby cries, others can jump on the court while she breastfeeds.

All of these women started out by simply going along to watch, with no strings attached.

“You don’t have to be any [specific] age, you don’t have to be skillful”

Members say there’s no pressure at the club – that it’s more fun than competitive, and everyone has a laugh together.

“There’s no criteria…it’s about having a good time”

Deb Slorach from Stawell Women’s Day Basketball Club wants to encourage more women to come along with their kids and still be able to get involved, but she knows a lot of sports ‘don’t allow that’.

Deb hopes this video will inspire others to create all-inclusive opportunities for women to get active.